Sunday August 09 , 2020
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WA Dry Ice Suppliers

Dry Ice WA supply 3mm and 10mm Dry Ice Pellets. 3mm pellets are specifically designed to provide the best performance for dry ice blasting machines, but are also suitable for other dry ice uses such as food production, cooling, and special effects to name a few.

If you would like to see the benefits of environmentally friendly Dry Ice Cleaning we can recommend you to a team of Dry Ice Blasting experts

Our 200kg and 350kg “Low Loss Containers” will store Dry Ice Pellets in an optimum condition for transporting or storage.

Polystyrene Container or an Esky are used to store small quantities of Dry Ice Pellets

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What Is Dry Ice

Dry ice is solid CO2 with a low temperature of -78° C (-109° F). At atmospheric pressure, solid CO2 sublimates directly to vapour without a liquid phase. This unique property means that the dry ice simply "disappears" when it heats up, leaving no residue or waste to be cleaned. The CO2 used to make dry ice is a natural by-product of several industrial manufacturing processes such as fermentation and petrochemical refining. The CO2 given off by the above production processes is captured and stored without losses until needed. When dry ice is used no new CO2 is produced. Instead, only the original CO2 by-product is released which is why using dry ice is considered to be "carbon-neutral" and environmentally responsible 

CO2 Properties

Carbon dioxide (Chemical Symbol = CO2) is a natural by-product of respiration, fermentation, and other industrial processes, existing as a colourless, odourless, and non-flammable gas.

Dry ice is the solid form of CO2 and is white opaque in appearance. It is important to handle or store CO2, whether solid or gas, in well-ventilated areas to reduce the danger of asphyxiation.



Ordering Dry Ice

Minimum order for 3mm pellets is 50Kg and 10mm pellets is 10Kg

As Dry Ice is produced to order please place your order a day in advance for 3mm Dry Ice and several hours in advance for small quantities of 10Kg – 50Kg of 10mm Dry Ice

To place orders please call us on 08 9317 5980 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it      

A pick up number will then issued ready for collection at the Henderson site.


We hope you enjoy a small sample of special effects ideas below.



20 to 45 Kilos of Dry Ice dropped directly into a heated swimming pool will make fog for an hour or longer depending on the water temperature and the size of the Dry Ice pieces. The hot water in a Jacuzzi, will produce a large amount of fog in a short time period. As long as the water is kept hot, it can take up to 45 kilos of dry ice per hour. The Dry Ice will carbonate the water for several days. If possible drain the Jacuzzi. The swimming pool will read more alkaline during this time so wait to add acid until the carbonation has dissipated. If the temperature of the water in a swimming pool, fountain, waterfall, or birdbath is too cold (less than 15°C) the Dry Ice will bubble but produce much less fog.



Dry Ice WA produces dry ice that is food grade. This means that it is safe to put Dry Ice into beverages for drinking. Use 1kg of Dry Ice for every 3.5L of room temperature punch. The Dry Ice is heavier than ice and will sink to the bottom. The product will do the cooling and must not be eaten or swallowed. Too much Dry Ice will freeze the beverage so have extra standing by. It will bubble and give off the most fog when the beverage is room temperature. When most of the Dry Ice has sublimated, it will surround itself with ice and float to the top. Carefully ladle the beverage into drinking glasses without any Dry Ice. Add regular ice to glasses for cooler drinks.It is important to remember to not serve drinks that may contain small pieces of dry ice.




Stage productions are nothing without good lighting and special effects. Adding flowing fog can enhance many shows.

Dry Ice and a fan is a popular option for a dreamy illusion. Dry Ice is placed in a bucket with holes to allow hot water to enter. When the bucket is lowered into the hot water fog is instantly produced. The resulting water vapor fog is gently blown by a fan and directed to the desired area by an air duct tube. Fog stops whenever the bucket of Dry Ice is pulled out of the water.

This technique can be spread across the floor for parties, weddings and other special events.